The Middlebury Food Pantry attempts to provide food for those in need in our community. 

We are funded primarily by donations by people just like you:
people who are grateful to have enough food on the table,
and maybe even those who have been through a hard time themselves in the past.

Our policy is to try to give enough food and personal needs items to last a household for a week.
We ask guests to try to limit their visits to once a month, and then we also provide them
with information on additional sources of assistance they can find throughout the community.

We welcome all who come through our doors, with compassion and respect.
People often need more than just food.
It is our goal to comfort and encourage those who are hurting,
by listening and offering friendship and understanding when they need it most.

What a blessing it is to help a mother to find diapers for her child and maybe some laundry soap to wash her family’s clothes.
How gratifying it is to deliver a few groceries to an elderly shut-in who must decide between buying medicine and food.
How humbling it is to aid an unemployed father in finding a means to provide for his family.
How amazing it is to pray with someone seeking healing and peace.

It has become our mission to serve joyfully,
to demonstrate through our words and actions the love of Jesus,
and to share the hope of a better future.

And it all begins with the gift of food